Astral Attachments

This website contains only the experience and revelation to our Guruji – Guruji Sundar, a self-realized master.

The purpose of this website is to make people aware of the dark side of the nature which is not necessarily evil but they are dark forces.

Our humble pranams to our Guruji’s Guru and God father Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal. Om Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal Namaha.

Welcome to the Astral Attachments website.

What is Astral Attachment?

Astral attachment is the attachment of a soul of a foregone person (disembodied soul) especially near and dear, who might have been closely attached to the person while living. It can also be an attachment which happens when some knot of karma is associated with the person in any of the previous births.

Though the above can be a major cause it happens due to a variety of reasons. The person if is destined to live for a few more years in this earth, but death happening in a sudden way. Such a person will be still roaming in the earth, waiting to fulfill his/her desires during the transition period.

That gap they will try to fill it up getting attached to some person and living on their vital energy. A2 could be positive or negative. The disembodied soul catches hold of a suitable person or gets attached to him/her.

The person can get attached only to a suitable person, whose mindset is apt for the disembodied soul to fulfill its desire.


We are not alone. Apart from living beings which we can see with physical eyes, this space is inhabited by good souls, bad souls, holy or divine souls, enlightened or self-realized souls and heavenly beings. The list goes on.

Only with our five senses, it is impossible to perceive this. Only when we enter the realm of meditation and really go in to the depths of it, do we really know about their existence.