About Guruji

Guruji Sundar alias Guruji Sundaramurthy Swamigal is an enlightened master of our times. He is the founder of Aathman Awareness Centre, a universal spiritual organization aimed at helping seekers of truth worldwide to realize their true self or Aathman. Guruji started AAC for teaching kundalini meditation and to spread the awareness about the importance of Jeeva Samadhi and to bring out their true mettle to the outer world.

Guruji is one of the rarest flowers of the humanity. He started a unique course called as A3 (Awareness About Aathman), a programme for advanced practitioners of meditation, wherein the seeker is given the conscious glimpse of the true self or eternity. He has also started a variety of meditation courses to benefit humanity in all walks of life.

Guruji with a handful of disciples renovated six jeeva samadhi temples in Chennai and consecrated them.

Guruji also for the benefit of humanity, along with his close disciples formulated this Astral Attachments website to create an awareness about Astral bodies and also to help distressed souls in the planet.