About Us

Astralattachments.com has been created under the divine guidance of Guruji Sundar. This belongs to the parent organization Aathman Awareness Centre. http://www.aathmanawarenesscentre.com. Astral Attachment is not a new subject to us. Our Guruji has 40 years of experience with this astral attachments. Our Guruji has learned so many secrets and techniques in dealing with this astral attachments.

  1. We have cured many persons from A2.
  2. Many people don’t even know that they are possessed. They never suspect it.
  3. People always think that they are taking all the decisions. Certainly not!
  4. Aleads to bad health, troubled relations with wife and others.
  5. We have learned from our Guru how to treat A2.
  6. Everyone is prone to A2.
  7. At the right time A2 happens.
  8. If A2 gets even the slightest doubt that it is going to be removed from the person it will revolt. It makes the person to get away from us saying 1000 valid reasons for getting away from us .
  9. So, if existence so desires that the A2 should be removed from the person then only it happens.
  10. People think that the A2 person’s face will distort and be ugly, gruesome. No certainly not, not for all cases and only for a few cases it happens like that.
  11. A2 can happen anywhere, anytime.
  12. Astral bodies are everywhere. Some are good, some are bad.
  13. Many people mistake insecure feeling, inner fear, restlessness, sleeplessness etc. as the disease of the mind. No, this is nothing to do with the mind, It is more connected with who is creating all those symptoms.
  14. Our doctors analyze this as depression of the mind and they give medicine to soothe the mind. Actually the medicine will spoil our body.
  15. We along with our Guruji’s blessings and his divine guidance have treated many A2 cases.
  16. While removing the A2 from the persons, we too suffer from the astral bodies’ anger.
  17. For removing it from the person, it affects our health also to some extent.
  18. So, usually we hand pick our cases and we ask the existence for approval.
  19. If it says OK, then only we start removing A2.


More about A2

  • There are people who are potential carriers of A2 and still lead a normal life, go to temple regularly and worship God. No body will be able to suspect them. These type of A2 is dormant A2, it lies low. Very rarely it comes out in the open, that too for a brief period only. These types of A2 goes for over some time even up to life time also.  No body will be able to detect them.
  • Sometimes the A2 comes to us and they will threaten us with dire consequences. They do this only if they come to know that we are going to relieve them of A2.
  • Sometimes the A2 jumps from one person to other family members to escape from our detection. So in these cases we make all the family members to come and sit in one place, and we treat them all.
  • Sometimes A2 are like rats, they scramble here and there to escape from us. But once when they are caught in our nets they become very meek and subdued.
  • Never sleep in a full dark room. At least minimum light should bee there in your bed room.
  • Many people keep puja room separate. But our advice is that every room should be treated as puja room.
  • Some people can act as a carrier of A2. When we move with these people in a openhearted manner, the A2 jumps from them to us, without our knowing. So never open your heart to these types of people.
  • When the jump happens then the new A2 person will feel a sudden tightening in the chest.
  • Our website is not to make people afraid of A2.
  • We are just cautioning people about A2.
  • Many marriages can be saved if one comes to know about A2 because even understanding and matured couples also get in to a tangle because of A2 and they blame each other for the faults, whereas all these misunderstanding, problems are due to the subtle activity of A2.