Astral Attachments A-Z

Key points about Astral Attachments

  • There are many disembodied souls floating in our space.
    Every person is the potential target for A2.
  • But usually good people attract good souls and bad people attract bad souls.
  • But sometimes positive person gets attached with negative A2 and negative person gets attached with positive A2.
  • Sometimes males get attached with female souls and females gets attached with male souls.
  • When a person gets A2, sometimes rapidly and sometimes slowly changes occur in the body, mind, mannerism, voice, facial expression, health, food habits, irritable manner, laziness, showing disinterest in everything, showing non interest in physical intimacy, love becomes hate and hate changed into love, disturbed sleep patterns, nightmares, feeling drained even after full night sleep suffer , enmity with family members, these are some of the qualities shown by A2 people.
  • For us, schizophrenia mostly is not split personality, but rather a fully fledged A2.
  • A2 wrecks the body, mind, soul very badly.
  • Sometimes A2 leads the person to commit suicide.
  • Cemetery lonely places, unused alleys, doorway passages, unclean or dirty places, railway tracks, platforms, go-downs, vaults, road side tamarind tree, public toilets and bars are some potential places for the souls to hang around waiting for suitable person to get attached.
  • If A2 happens to kids, children and aged aged people, its very difficult to trace them.
  • Sometimes colour of the eyes, intense stare also exhibited by the A2 person.
  • When you move with the A2 person you will get the creepy feeling.
  • A2 can’t be destroyed but it can be driven back.
  • If A2 is driven out by a saintly person, then it will get a better birth.
Bodily Attachment Dwelling in the house or tree or temple



Mode of Attachment
Active Dormant



Types of projection
Frequent Non-Frequent



Types of Attachments(According to Characteristics)
Violent Non-Violent Purified Holy Devathais or Angels



Attachment by relating with the carrier
Subtle Non-Subtle Non attached but frequent attacking on the person during sleep or in night time.


Qualities exhibited by Astrally attached persons

  • Changes happen in the body and mind sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly.
  • Mannerism changes.
  • Facial expression changes to the worst.
  • Health deteriorates.
  • Food habits changes drastically. Sometimes they consume more food sometimes very little and sometimes none.
  • Irritably behaves with others.
  • Become Lazy.
  • Show disinterest in everything.
  • Show non interest or high interest in physical intimacy.
  • Love becomes hate.
  • Hates changes to love sometimes.
  • Sleep becomes disturbed.
  • Get nightmares.
  • Feels drained in energy levels even after full night sleep.
  • Develops enmity with family members.

Disembodied Souls

  1. There are millions of them floating around us in the existence
    Some are good, some are bad, some are neutral, some are divine.
  2. Sometimes due to our karmic effect they get attached to us in a subtle way.
  3. Even though the attachment is very subtle, they always take over our being and establish control over our body and mind in a very subtle way so that no one will suspect about the attachment.
  4. If a bad soul gets attached to a person, then it wrecks havoc on his health, family relationship, in all type of inter personal relationships.
  5. Many times happy married life gets ruined by this negative attachment and the family gets separated due to no fault of their own.
  6. Sometimes negative attachment ends the person’s life in a tragic manner and then it moves to another person.
  7. If a good soul gets attached to a person, then it helps for the spiritual growth of the person and it does all good things to the person and his/her family.
  8. A good soul makes sure that it fulfills his/her desire at the same time helping for the life of the person whom it gets attached with.
  9. But an attachment is an attachment, if it gets attached to us, then we cannot live our own life. So it needs to be removed.