So far wer have treated almost 1000’s of astrally attached persons and we have removed the attachments from them.

We have almost 25 years of experience in this field.

Many people come to us for enquiry, but when spell out the fee amount, they run away from us.We use this fee amount to renovate ancient Jeeva Samadhis and perform Gurupooja for all the saints who have attained Jeeva Samadhis.

SO, if you think of asking for our help, then you have to be prepared to pay the fees.

In a way, you are spending the amount for the noble cause only.

We do not make people to go them rigorous time consuming rituals. It is very simple and effective method.

A2 treatment is not our main profession.
SO, we are mainly interested in teaching the ‘REAL GNANA’ to the genuine seekers of truth.

We had our training in A2 mainly by God’s will. He only made us suffer and made us find an effective way to deal and dispose with them.

PS: the A2 can happen to any body any time in a fraction of second without their knowing, and it can persist and thrive on you for a long period of time, wrecking havoc in your personal life and the people who live with you.

So beware of the silent killer!